Name Thwaites’ New Horse

Thwaites Need a Name for their New Shire Horse

One of Thwaites most famous traditions is their line-up of heavy horses, on hand as extra-large mascots and to pull their vintage wagons through town on special occasions – including local weddings. They’re an integral part of the Thwaites brand, and they’re even fed on spent grain left over from the brewing process.

The two-year old shire horse has settled into the stables in Blackburn town centre with the brewery’s other horses Wainwright, Gunner and Ribble. He’ll be moving home soon though, to the new Thwaites premises in Sykes Holt near Mellor where the horses will be kept in shiny new stables. It took them quite a while to find the ideal horse, as head horseman Richard Green said:

“We have been looking for a new addition since the beginning of the year but it takes a while because we have some quite specific requirements — anyone who has seen our Shire horses will know they are black with four white feet and a white flash on their nose and believe it or not, that’s quite difficult to find.”

“We looked at quite a few but this one really fitted the bill and we are looking forward to him settling in to the team. It’s a great time for him to join us too, as we are preparing to move to our fantastic new stables in Mellor Brook.”

Now, Thwaites are looking for the perfect name for their perfect new gelding. If you’ve got a suggestion, get in touch with Thwaites via their Facebook page.

Ideas we’ve had:

  • Weaver
  • Pendle
  • Blakewater
  • Ewood
  • Labore
  • Butter Pie

Is sticking to Blackburn-related things too obvious? Should we be thinking wider? What about names of hops Thwaites have started using in 13 Guns etc.? Or should he just be called Horsey McHorseface? We can’t decide.

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