Oktoberfest in Lancashire

Your handy guide to the Oktoberfest celebrations happening all over Lancashire and the North West this autumn.

Oktoberfest is the German festival of beer, or more specifically, it’s a “Volksfest” – a people’s festival. In Germany, this means a beer festival combined with a funfair, markets, food stalls and live music. Fun for all the family!

Officially, the celebrations started back in September. Lancashire breweries and pubs have started to join in with the festivities more regularly, and given the name, they’ve chosen to hold their festivals within the month of October.

Take a look at our calendar for the full list of Lancashire Oktoberfest events and Oktoberfest events in Cumbria and Merseyside too.

Oktoberfest in Lancashire

North Pier Oktoberfest, Blackpool

This year, Oktoberfest celebrations will be taking over the whole of Blackpool’s historic North Pier. Taste traditional German snacks and drink great beer as live performers entertain you over the sea!

North Pier Oktoberfest, Blackpool

Holmes Mill Oktoberfest, Clitheroe

Last year, Holmes Mill’s Oktoberfest was such a success they’re doing it all over again! This is a ticketed event.

You probably already know that Munich’s Oktoberfest celebrations are visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. What you might not know, however, is that the beer served at each one of these raucous festivals has to conform to the German Purity Laws.

Octoberfest at Holmes Mill

Owd Nell’s Oktoberfest, Preston

Where better to celebrate centuries of beer tradition than under a thatched roof with a live oompah band?

Owd Nell’s Oktoberfest

Haigh Oktoberfest

Join the Two Left Feet crew for a proper Oktoberfest knees-up, beer-tapping ceremony and all.

Haigh Oktoberfest

Warrington Oktoberfest

Hosted by the Rotary club, this festival will see 75+ beers plus live music fill the Parr Hall.

Warrington Oktoberfest

Northern Whisper Oktoberfest

An Oktoberfest in a brewery? What could be better?

Northern Whisper Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in Cumbria

Oktoberfest Comes to Langdale

Head up to the beautiful Sticklebarn in Great Langdale for an Oktoberfest celebration with a difference.

OctoberFest comes to Langdale

Octoberfest at the Railway

Ravensglass and Eskdale Railway will be hosting a range of Oktoberfest-themed events throughout Oktober.

Oktoberfest at the Railway

Enjoying Oktoberfest

We want to hear more about the Oktoberfest celebrations this coming month. After all, we can’t go to all of them! Send in your pics, or tell us about smaller fesativals happening inyour area and we’ll happily share them on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

More about Oktoberfest: What’s the German Purity Law?

In ye olden days of Bavarian history, bakers and brewers had to compete for the raw ingredients they needed to create their in-demand products.

Back in 1487, the Reinheitsgebot law – or purity law – was passed in Munich – and later it was reinstated to cover the whole of Bavaria – that stated beer could only be brewed with barleywater and hops. (Yeast is allowed – it’s just not included in the original law because that long ago, people didn’t know about or understand the importance yeast had as part of the brewing process.)

That meant no wheat beer, and absolutely no extra additions of any kind, including fruit!

The beers served at Oktoberfest must also be brewed within Munich’s city limits, so officially there are only six breweries who are permitted to make official Oktoberfest beer:

Here in the North West, bars and breweries will not be fully adhering to the Reinheitsgebot, so you’ll get to try beers of all kinds, from all over Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside and beyond. Enjoy your October! Prost!


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